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White Diesel, Red Diesel & Heating Oil.

We supply heating oil (Kerosene), red diesel (Gas Oil) and White Diesel (Derv) to various businesses. Here at Swift Fuels we appreciate the importance of keeping your business running as efficiently as possible. We stick to the golden triangle. Quality, Value and Service.

Swift Fuels can also supply Kerosene, Derv and Gas Oil in bulk to RDCO registered re-sellers including Fuel Distributors, Petrol Station Forecourts and Cash & Carry yards.

Keeping your business moving forward.


Swift Fuels offer a full range of lubricants including engine oils & hydraulic oils from leading manufacturers to business to include:

  • Garage workshops
  • Agricultural and marine sectors
  • Haulage contractors
Man is opening the oil cap from a car engine
Fuel filler flap open with red diesel cap and blue adblue, the fuel filler caps are closed.
Now selling AdBlue® in 1000 litre Cubes and 205 litre drums!


AdBlue® is a high purity operating fluid, used in the emissions removal systems of diesel engined vehicles and equipment. Chemically speaking AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of Urea in purifed water. The AdBlue® is stored in a tank on the vehicle and from there dosed automatically by the ECU directly into the exhaust gas at a rate in relation to the amount of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) being produced by the engine.

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